Mission Statement


It is EE Health and Safety's mission to protect and save lives through the power of recognition, knowledge, and skills.


It is EE Health and Safety's vision to empower as many people as possible with the confidence to recognize emergencies and with the skills to save lives.


EE Health and Safety values:


  • Mean what you say and do what you mean
  • Be honest, be fair, and be consistent


  • Foster cooperation and collaboration
  • Encourage and support open and honest communication


  • Provide GOLD standard trainings with the most current information
  • Improve continuously on service and processes
  • Apply innovative safety solutions


  • Promote safety as everyone’s responsibility
  • Possess and encourage a positive outlook
  • Maintain a strong work ethic by being true to committments and taking responsibility for actions


  • Be open to everyone’s ideas and opinions
  • Understand the needs and situations of others
  • Treat all individuals equitably, professionally, and with courtesy, dignity, and respect
  • Strive to make training accessible and understandable to all